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Practice Anytime

With Kippy AI language tutor, you can practice speaking anytime, anywhere. Reminders will help you to make it a daily habit!

Cost Effective

Kippy is powered by advanced conversational AI. Speaking practice that costs 93% less compared to language tutor.

Boost Confidence

Kippy speaks and listens and is always supportive. When you are unsure or make a mistake, Kippy will help you to speak accurately and with confidence.

“With just 1 minute of speaking practice per day, I feel more confident in speaking English.”

- Seo-yeon Park, Korea

What people say about Kippy?

Tiffany Sato

I am learning English so I can have a conversation with my foreign friends. I can speak an intermediate level of English but I'm very shy. I like Kippy because it feels like talking to a friend and I can build my confidence.

Soo-min Park

I used to be good at French but I forgot the language because I did not have anyone to practice with. Now I'm using Kippy to learn and practice French again. I love ❤️ Kippy because it encourages me to practice daily. It's fun to use, too. 😊

Han Hong

I've been practicing speaking Spanish and French with Kippy for three months. I used to learn the languages in school a few years ago but I did not practice since then. When I first started using the app, I could only understand Kippy's questions. It was difficult for me to respond but it was nice to be able to learn through the phrases recommended by the app. Now I can have longer conversations and talk to friends!

Pedro Souza

I am just a beginner in English and the conversation matches my level. I think it's a great app to practice speaking! With the built-in translator, I am able to find what I wanted to say right away. When I study English by myself, I only do it in my mind without speaking out loud. When I talk to Kippy, I remember more because of speaking out loud.

Jay Chung

I travel abroad a lot. I use this app to practice English and Japanese conversations in specific situations like hotels, airports, and transportation. The AI is very flexible and it can carry on the conversation even from just saying a word or two, all the way to holding a long conversation. Excellent!

Lee An

I have started to use Kippy to practice English because I want to talk to my niece who lives in Australia. I also have a regular weekly private tutor but with Kippy I can practice every day. It's a great app to have if you already have a language tutor.

Ji Kim

I use Kippy to practice English phrases when I'm traveling. I like that the conversation allows me to speak my native language, too. I really recommend Kippy app to practice English for travel and business trips!

Mikhail Sokolov

I'm an engineer and my company does a lot of business with America and Australia. I always tried to avoid calls and meetings because I could not think fast enough to respond. I now use Kippy to practice simple conversations so I can also develop personal relationships with the people I communicate with. It's hard but I feel like I am making progress. Thank you!

Seo-yeon Park

I always tried to avoid speaking with local people when I travelled for business because my English pronunciation was terrible and I felt they would judge me for not speakign their language. When I found Kippy, I started practicing basic phrases for various situations. I cannot speak fluently, yet, but I can have a basic interaction in a shop or a restaurant. I now look forward to my business trips. I think my boss has noticed that, too! 😉

Riko Yamada

I want to move to and find a job in California. I have studied English for a long time but I rarely spoke to anyone in English. I could not afford private tutor but with Kippy I can practice speaking every day. Now I feel like my dream will come true and I maybe I'll find a partner there too! 🥰

Ji-Hoon Choi

My company is paying for my English tuition because of our business partners abroad. I feel like I can read and write in English well but I am terrified of speaking. With Kippy it's OK to say thing wrong because Kippy is very patient 😉 With the pronunciation feature I can also see exactly which words I'm saying wrong and I can practice them until I get them right. It really boosts my confidence.

Oliver Jenkins

Kippy is like a friend who teaches me Spanish. I learn lot of interesting information from Kippy, not just the boring language stuff that I get from classes. It's made learning a new language so much easier and more enjoyable.

What makes Kippy great?

Real-life Conversations

Most language apps teach you boring phrases that you will rarely need in a real-world conversation. Kippy is different. Like a friend, you can talk about the topics that interest you.

Kippy helps you practice and role-play many useful scenarios. It has your back from preparing for a job interview to shopping on your overseas holidays!

Listen, Read & Speak

When you talk to Kippy, you are fully engaged. As you listen, each word is highlighted to reinforce your learning by associating each word with its pronunciation.

You can change the speed of speaking or try different types of voices to enhance your listening abilities further.

Improve Your Pronunciation

Test your pronunciation of any word or phrase. Kippy provides you with instant feedback and evaluates your pronunciation according to accuracy, completeness, and fluency.

Practice your pronunciation as much as you like! Kippy pinpoints the exact word to correct so that you can improve quickly.

Track Your Progress

Have you ever wondered how much of a language you actually know? Kippy shows you the number of new words you have used daily so that you can track your growing vocabulary and learning progress.

True confidence is backed up with data. Celebrate your progress and start speaking a new language today!

Unlimited Conversations
Powered by ChatGPT

Under The Feathers

Natural Human-like Voices

Choose the voice and accent that best fits your preferences. Adjust the speaking speed to the level of your listening abilities.

Conversation Suggestions

Unsure of how to respond in a particular situation? Kippy provides you with suitable responses to help you continue the conversation.

Conversation Controls

Practice conversation at your own level of proficiency. Choose Basic for simple conversations or Advanced for longer and deeper discussions.

Goals & Reminders

Develop a daily habit of speaking and practicing a language. Collect an egg for every day that your goal is met. Collect as many eggs as you can to earn rewards! Learning with Kippy is fun!

Instant 2-way Translation

Every message is instantly translated to your native language. You can also speak in your native language to keep the conversation going.

Personal Phrasebooks

Whether you want to improve your career or travel, you can make learning a language more personal by adding your favorite words or phrases to your phrasebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kippy speaks and understands English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. You can use any of these languages as your primary language or the language that you're learning.

Kippy posseses a vast knowledge but may not be always accurate. Like a language tutor, it's main goal is to help you practice spoken interactions. To make the conversations interesting, Kippy can sometimes makes things up!

Kippy is currently available in selected countries on the Apple App Store. Drop us a message below with your country and the language that you are learning, and we will let you know when Kippy is available in your country. The Android version is coming soon!

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